Specialising in

horticultural product display

Cultivated with 40 years of experience and operating

exclusively within Bunnings Warehouse.

About Greenlife Merchandising

With 40 years of experience, Greenlife Merchandising specialises in the display of horticultural products for Bunnings Warehouse, across both NSW and the ACT. By fulfilling merchandising standards, our primary role facilitates the maintenance of available and future stock to cultivate the growth of sales for Bunnings within the nursery department.

Due to our extensive coverage, we have the ability to service a multitude of Bunnings Warehouse stores with an effective and skilled team of representatives.

We dedicate our work towards ensuring quality across all areas, and therefore plan to build long-term relationships which meet and exceed the expectations given to us.

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Our Merchandisers

Working closely with Bunnings Warehouse team members, our merchandisers
have the role and responsibility of:

  • Arriving in store once stock has been delivered.
  • Communicating with team members regarding directions and instructions for stock.
  • Watering plants if they are dry on arrival.
  • Merchandising stock according to Bunnings Standards.
  • Merchandising stock according to Bay Layout Guides.
  • Cleaning up spillages and removing packaging.
  • Placing poor quality stock in a team member designated area.
  • Arranging empty trolleys ready for team member removal.
  • Wearing appropriate uniform.

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